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Design and maintenance of the fixtures that hold the parts as they

travel through the coating system is frequently a source of quality defects.

In order to provide the highest possible level of efficiency and

quality a rack should be thought of as a tool.

powder coating hooks

Issues to Consider in the Design & Care of Parts Racks

  • Racks will be used in an industrial environment; make them sturdy.
  • If the parts can swing on the rack, they may hit each other n the oven
    • and cause a blemish in the coating.
  • Tubing used for rack frames can trap water in the washer;
    • if it boils out in the cure oven it will stain the coating.
  • For electrostatic application, contact points must always be clean
    • to provide good ground.
  • Coating build-up on racks can crack and create dirt defects.
  • Coating build-up on contact points will interfere with electrostatic
    • attraction.

To maintain a low level of defects on the coated parts, the tooling

must have a low level of defects. Good original design and good rack maintenance will contribute to yield.

Electrostatic contact points should be designed to make sure they provide a certain ground to the parts.

Missing contacts should be replaced and bent frames straightened so that the work package is consistent in relationship to the application equipment.

Heavy build-up on racks should be avoided by a planned

schedule for stripping racks and by making sure that there are enough racks to manage production while racks are in the strip cycle.


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June 14, 2012